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    Wii Sports Resort – Review 

    Wii Sports Resort Review – I have not learned my lesson when it comes to Wii games and that lesson is, if it is a Wii game be prepared to be frustrated. By all accounts Wii Sports Resort (from this point referred to as WSR) is a sequel to everyones favorite bundled Wii game Wii Sports and judging it that way it is a good game that, like Wii Sports, takes a while for the “seasoned” gamer to get used to this is because we are used to a gamepad and buttons, lots of buttons and to be honest I wish the Wii had a Wii game compatible controller besides the Wiimote, but that’s me.

    WSR is twelve mini games that once again highlight the Wii control system, with one caveat, it requires yet another additional piece to the Wii controller puzzle, the MotionPlus adapter is required to play the game and they include one in the box but the additional ones are going to run you just shy of $20 a piece, also a big player in this version is the nunchuk adapter, once again going to run you just shy of $20 each. I have two controllers, one with nunchuk adapter and one without. When it is all said and done if I want to be able to play with maximum two player pleasure I’m going to have to fork out another $40 for a “complete” set, this brings the grand total of buying a “complete” Wii controller from $60 to $80, talk about fleecing the consumer Nintendo does this and hardly anybody complains.

    (perspective) 360 – $299 (with 60GB HDD)
    extra wireless controller – $50
    total – $349

    Wii – $249
    extra controller – $80 (Wiimote+nunchuck+MotionPlus)
    plus additional Wii motion add-on for original controller – $20 (or $49.99 if you also buy WSR)
    total – $350 ($378.99)

    Gameplay is fun with the exception of archery which takes a bit of getting used to and is really the weak part of the bundled games. Judging the games as they are without any other factors this could be a great game for friends and family game get-togethers…but unfortunately this isn’t just about the games.

    There are two negatives to the game, one that is an inconvenience and another that is a huge drawback. The first is the MotionPlus needs to be calibrated which requires you to set the controller face down until the Wii registers it. Not terrible before starting to play but I’ve gotten a calibration error in the middle of a couple of gaming sessions, once again a minor inconvenience.

    The second and it a major drawback to me, the necessity for yet another $20 add-on so when all is said and done for you to enjoy the game as it is advertised (four players) you have to spend an additional $60 for three more MotionPlus adapters and possibly another $60 for nunchuk adapters. As of this review there are 3 other games that utilize MotionPlus in addition to WSR and two of them are tennis games, the other is Tiger Woods 10 and interestingly enough all three games don’t require the adapter but are compatible with it.


    + fun games
    + who knew flying a plane with a Wii controller could be so fun
    + bundled with MotionPlus adapter
    + fairly high replay value
    + bowling is back

- REQUIRES MotionPlus adapter, not optional as the employee where I bought it at said it was

    • some games require nunchuk adapter
    • price, if it was priced at $20, basically free bundled with a MotionPlus adapter paying $20 each for additional adapter would be easier to accept
    • archery game is a bit frustrating

Final: Purchase recommendation depends on how much disposable income you have, if you have some it is recommended, if you don’t wait for GameStop or eBay to get a supply of used ones

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    Guitar Hero 4- Fall 2008 

    Guitar Hero 4 has been announced, and it will be coming out in Fall of this year! By the looks of the trailer, Guitar Hero 4 will be absolutly amazing. Some of the new features will be…

    • Make your own songs
    • Share the songs you made
    • Very realistic drums
    • Battle other bands
    The new Guitar Hero has very realistic drums. They look kind of like the Rock Band drums but these look more like a real drum set. The Guitar Hero drum set will have two symbols, a bass drum, and three other drums. 
    This should be great for the two games, Rock Band and Guitar Hero because there will be competition. Competition between two companies usually means that the prices will go down. That is what I am hoping for, I would love to buy this new Guitar Hero game. The one thing I really want to know is the price. If the price drops a good amount past Rock Band, I would definitely buy Guitar Hero 4.
    The new “make a song” addition to the game will open up so many opportunities and it will change music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero forever. This will be a great feature and will probably be one of my favorite new features in Guitar Hero.
    The next feature that they are adding is battling other bands. This should be great for any kind of party, and it will have add a whole new level of playing on to the game. The next feature, sharing your own songs will also be a great feature because if you make a song and no one can hear it or play it then what is the point right? I am wondering how they will give other people the songs. They could maybe make a virtual store for each “band” or let them give them out for free. I think that the store idea be realy cool but I’m not sure if a lot of people would pay money just to get home made songs.
    I can’t wait until Guitar Hero 4 comes out, and when it does I would love to buy it. Here is the trailer, it should be a great game.
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    What should we talk about more? 

    Well, it’s time for you to voice your opinions and tell us what we should talk about more here at Gadgets and Tech. The choices are Technology, Video Games, Computers, Gadgets, or Internet Sites. Please do the poll so we know what you want to hear.

    Take the poll

    Free Poll by Blog Flux

    EDIT: I’m not sure why but you can’t do the poll here so please go to the website and take it.

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    Guild Wars Prophecies Review 

    Guild Wars, as you may know, is an MMORPG on the computer. Other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft(W0W) and Lord of the Rings Online(LotR) make you pay $15 per month. Guild Wars is unique in its no monthly fee to play system. The only money you spend is to buy it from the store. After you buy it you can play for as long as you like. When you start Guild Wars you be able to make a create the character you want depending on your gaming style. You can choose between 6 different professions(Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Elementalist, Mesmer, and Necromancer). You can learn more about the classes at this site. You will have to pick if you want to have your character in the Role-playing section or the PvP(Player vs. Player) section. The Role-playing section will take you through the campaign and have you start at level 1. The PvP section will make your character start at level 20(the max level) and will not take you through the campaign. After you pick a profession you choose you character height, skin color, hair style, hair color, and type of face. Next you pick the color of his armor and last you choose a name(the name must be 2 words). When you already have a character after the login screen you will be taken to the character selection screen. Here you can create new characters, delete characters, and go to the online store.Now you are in the World of Tyria. This is what the world you live in is called. The game interface is a lot like WoW or LotRO but is a little bit different. You can take a look at it below.


     As you can see it is a lot like other game interfaces, you can compare it to WoW at this link. The interface is composed of a health bar(red) and an energy bar(blue). Your health increases as you gain levels but your energy bar stays the same. Below them is you skill bar that lets you hold up to 8 skills at a time. Each of your skills will cost a certain amount of energy and will take some time to be reusable. On the left side of the screen starting at the bottom is the Menu Bar, the Chat Window(press enter to open), the Party Member Window(you can see who is in the party and their health), the Experience Bar, and skill section(show all the skills being used against you or for you. In the center you have a bar that shows you the level, type of character(Ex. R/E), their name, and their health when you click on that character or enemy. On the left side you have the weapons bar showing you the weapons you can use, and the mini map that shows where your quests are located and where other characters or enemies are located. As you saw above the level cap in GW is 20. You can move levels by completing quests, doing missions, and killing enemies This is very much like other games. Something unique about GW is its missions. Missions are kind of like big quests. In the missions you will be given certain objectives to complete in the mission. There is also one bonus objective per mission, completing these will make the mission worth more experience. During the missions you will usually be accompanied by a computer character to guide you through it. As you complete the missions you get father and farther through the campaign.

    There are some things that I would do to improve the game. One is adding a jump feature, you can’t just walk around a jump in the process, you have to stop and type /jump to jump. The second one is being able to put more skills on the skill bar, atleast 10 or 15. This would improve your ability to be prepared for all types of enemies. It would also be nice to have more than 4 character slots per game. They could even give you more slots for completing the bonuses in the missions or doing some really hard quests. They could also give things like money for the online store to buy new mission packs, character slots, and whole games.

    Overall GW Prophecies is a great game and it won’t burn a whole in your wallet like WoW or LotRO. It has very good graphics and the game play is very good. I highly recommend this game to all PC gamers. even if you haven’t played MMORPGs before this is great game to start on.

    There are other GW games also(Factions, Nightfall, and the most recent expansion Eye of the North). I don’t have those games yet so I can’t review them. If you have GW you can send me a friend request. My character’s name is Znerf Argon and my other character’s name is Illuvatar Argon. I hope to see some of you in the game! If you have any comments feel free to post them. 

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      damn a ranger/elementalist

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