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    Tiger Woods 10 Wii – Review 

    My recent Wii gaming didn’t stop with Wii Sports Resort that I last reviewed, the lovely wife surprised me with a fresh copy of Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii. I’ve long been a fan of the Tiger Woods games and normally I play on the 360 where the graphics and gameplay are phenomenal. The idea of using the Wii controller came with mixed emotions for me, I’m very used to playing TW on with a gamepad.

    I will say this in the beginning, I went into this expecting to be annoyed and frustrated, I was pleasantly proven wrong. When comparing games across different platforms it is important to realize that even though the same game is released on different platforms it doesn’t mean you get the same game. TW10 on the 360 is an amazing graphical experience, on the Wii it is more about the controller.

    There are some great games for the Wii and TW10 is near the top of the list. Like all TW games it has golf, various mini-games and training aides but they are pretty cryptically placed and I still haven’t found the driving range or putting practice course, they might not even be in the game. I’d much rather have these than the poor implementation of frisbee golf that they did include. The game overall is very solid with only a few minor problems but frisbee golf is probably the weakest link, EA should have looked at Wii Sports Resort and modeled their frisbee golf after that one.

    As far as playing with and without the Wii MotionPlus adapter, there is a slight difference when playing with it attached than there is playing without it. With it I found that my shots are more accurate but not enough to hinder gameplay and not enough to warrant running out and buying another MotionPlus adapter.


    + Great gameplay, high replay value
    + Easy game to play with friends or alone
    + Control scheme is one of the best on the Wii (my opinion)
    + Can be played with or without the Wii MotionPlus attachment.
    + Fun game, dare I say a bit more fun that playing with a gamepad.
    + As an added bonus if you are “older” (like me) your neck and upper body doesn’t crack as much when you play, this is nice because it also carries over to when you aren’t playing, I can twist me head in all kinds of directions now without it sounding like I am eating cereal.


    • Sometimes when using the aiming aid the percentage/distance meter gets in the way.
    • Frisbee golf.
    • Not a good main screen layout.
    • Can’t find game modes that should be there, i.e. driving range, putting practice course.

Final: If you’ve got a Wii and enjoy golf games this is a definite purchase.

  • Chris 9:14 pm on August 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Wii Sports Resort – Review 

    Wii Sports Resort Review – I have not learned my lesson when it comes to Wii games and that lesson is, if it is a Wii game be prepared to be frustrated. By all accounts Wii Sports Resort (from this point referred to as WSR) is a sequel to everyones favorite bundled Wii game Wii Sports and judging it that way it is a good game that, like Wii Sports, takes a while for the “seasoned” gamer to get used to this is because we are used to a gamepad and buttons, lots of buttons and to be honest I wish the Wii had a Wii game compatible controller besides the Wiimote, but that’s me.

    WSR is twelve mini games that once again highlight the Wii control system, with one caveat, it requires yet another additional piece to the Wii controller puzzle, the MotionPlus adapter is required to play the game and they include one in the box but the additional ones are going to run you just shy of $20 a piece, also a big player in this version is the nunchuk adapter, once again going to run you just shy of $20 each. I have two controllers, one with nunchuk adapter and one without. When it is all said and done if I want to be able to play with maximum two player pleasure I’m going to have to fork out another $40 for a “complete” set, this brings the grand total of buying a “complete” Wii controller from $60 to $80, talk about fleecing the consumer Nintendo does this and hardly anybody complains.

    (perspective) 360 – $299 (with 60GB HDD)
    extra wireless controller – $50
    total – $349

    Wii – $249
    extra controller – $80 (Wiimote+nunchuck+MotionPlus)
    plus additional Wii motion add-on for original controller – $20 (or $49.99 if you also buy WSR)
    total – $350 ($378.99)

    Gameplay is fun with the exception of archery which takes a bit of getting used to and is really the weak part of the bundled games. Judging the games as they are without any other factors this could be a great game for friends and family game get-togethers…but unfortunately this isn’t just about the games.

    There are two negatives to the game, one that is an inconvenience and another that is a huge drawback. The first is the MotionPlus needs to be calibrated which requires you to set the controller face down until the Wii registers it. Not terrible before starting to play but I’ve gotten a calibration error in the middle of a couple of gaming sessions, once again a minor inconvenience.

    The second and it a major drawback to me, the necessity for yet another $20 add-on so when all is said and done for you to enjoy the game as it is advertised (four players) you have to spend an additional $60 for three more MotionPlus adapters and possibly another $60 for nunchuk adapters. As of this review there are 3 other games that utilize MotionPlus in addition to WSR and two of them are tennis games, the other is Tiger Woods 10 and interestingly enough all three games don’t require the adapter but are compatible with it.


    + fun games
    + who knew flying a plane with a Wii controller could be so fun
    + bundled with MotionPlus adapter
    + fairly high replay value
    + bowling is back

- REQUIRES MotionPlus adapter, not optional as the employee where I bought it at said it was

    • some games require nunchuk adapter
    • price, if it was priced at $20, basically free bundled with a MotionPlus adapter paying $20 each for additional adapter would be easier to accept
    • archery game is a bit frustrating

Final: Purchase recommendation depends on how much disposable income you have, if you have some it is recommended, if you don’t wait for GameStop or eBay to get a supply of used ones

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    The Force is Unleashed! 


    Star Wars has been a major phenomena in the American culture and across the world. From the movies to the games everyone loved Star Wars at one point. Lucas Arts’ newest game is called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. In this game you will see a whole new side of the Star Wars games. Usually you will play as the Republic or the Rebels in games but in the one you will play as the Empire.

    The character you play as is Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. Your mission is to travel around the galaxy and kill off the remaining Jedi. The game is set in between the Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It explores the aftermath of  Order 66 and the evolution of Darth Vader. I have also learned that you will be aided by a sidekick named PROXY who is a prototype holodroid with amazing abilities and a beautiful Imperial pilot named Juno Eclipse. You will battle powerful force wielders including a Zabrak warrior named Maris Blood and General Rahm Kota. Some of the planets that you will visit are Kashyyyk, Felucia, and Racus Prime.

    As you move through the story line you can upgrade 4 core force powers. They are Force Push, Grip, Repulse, and Lightning. You can also combine all of your force powers  to create ultra-destructive combos never scene before. Some examples of this are instead of just Force pushing enemies into walls you will Force push them through walls; and instead of Force griping your enemy and throwing them aside you can force grip them in mid air, zap them with lightning, and then throw them to the ground only to explode like a bomb! Now I don’t know about you but that just sounds sweet!

    This game will be out for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, and Wii.  In the Wii you will have a 2 player duel mode with 5 maps that is not included in Xbox, or PlayStation. The game will be coming out on September 16, 2008 in North America. You can learn more about the game and watch the trailer at this link.

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